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Because of the changing weather recently, this week's idiom is "come rain or shine," which means no matter what happens, bad or good.

For example, "I will pass my English exam, come rain or shine!" (I will pass no matter what happens.)

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February 1716

Open House Tomorrow!

OPEN HOUSE IS TOMORROW AT 9:30 AM! Join us and bring a friend! http://www.atlei.com/openhouse.html #atlei #languageispower

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Open House is now one week away. We are excited to welcome you to AEI and be part of our story. Our success story remains incomplete without the support and dedication of our wonderful staff and faculty members. Come and meet them next Friday, February 17th!

http://www.atlei.com/openhouse.html #24thAnniversary #learnEnglish#languageispower #openhouse

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We are excited to tell you about the collaboration between Atlanta English Institute (AEI) and Atlanta Homestays. AEI strives to offer excellent service and value to our students, and we believe that Atlanta Homestays works toward the same goal.

Atlanta Homestays offers complete and professional service to assist students interested in living with a family while studying in the United States. Services include:

•Short term and long term housing arrangements according to the individual needs of the student

•Airport pick-up services, upon request, for initial students arriving to Atlanta

•Customized plans as requested including:  meals, activities, transportation, American cultural


•Assistance with transportation and guidance for the first day of school

•Contact information to reach a responsible person should any need arise

We believe Atlanta Homestays adds to the valuable services AEI provides our students as they pursue their English language learning experience in the United States. Please contact us if you have any questions or visit www.atlantahomestays.com for more information.

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Do you believe in love at first sight? That's this week's idiom meaning falling in love with someone the first time you see him/her.

For example, "When Jim met Pam it was love at first sight; he knew she was the one for him."

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Have you registered for our OPEN HOUSE yet? It's 2 weeks away! Register here: http://www.atlei.com/openhouse.html

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Happy February! With Valentine's Day coming soon, this week's idiom is "wear your heart on your sleeve," which means to display your feelings openly (not hide them).

Example: "We know how Jessica feels about him; she always wears her heart on her sleeve."

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