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Come and experience AEI in action! Tour the school, interact with ESL instructors and receive admissions information during our first ever Open House. Registration for this event is not open: http://www.atlei.com/openhouse.html

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Many of you have started new classes this week. Did you break the ice with the other students? "Break the ice" is this week's idiom meaning to become more comfortable with someone, especially someone new.

For example, "On their first date he decided to break the ice by telling a joke."

You may also hear people say "ice-breaker" to mean an activity that helps people become more comfortable with each other, like a game or something interesting to talk about.

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January 1717

Resources Reminder

Welcome to a new session! We hope this blog will continue to be a helpful resource for you in the coming weeks.

As additional resources, follow us on Facebook and Twitter for school updates, events, photos, and more!

You can also watch our videos on our YouTube channel.

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Did you have a good time at the Potluck Party yesterday? Parties are a great time to "chew the fat," this week's idiom meaning to have a long, friendly chat with someone.

For example, "Yesterday we got coffee and spent a few hours just to chew the fat."

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January 1712




Friday, February 17, 2017

9:30 AM

AEI’s nurturing, academic environment has been attracting all ESL prospects in the ESL community both locally and globally for 24 years since the school’s inception.

One of the best recruiting strategies and a well-known source of student recruitment for AEI is “word of mouth”. In the new year and while considering how we could promote AEI and facilitate word of mouth recruitment, the idea of hosting an Open House came to my mind.

Welcome to Open House!

We are encouraging and empowering our current students to invite their friends to see our campus in full activity. We are offering this great opportunity for our guests to have face to face contact with other students; to greet and meet teachers; observe actual classes; to interact with other students, staff, instructors; to hear a panel discussion; to learn strategies for succeeding in TOEFL, GRE, and GMAT; to receive home stay tips; to receive detailed information about AEI; to enter a raffle for prizes; and to take a tour of the school.

With great excitement to offer the real experience of AEI to prospective students, I invite all along with our faculty and staff, to come to this extraordinary event.  Please join us!  I will be honored to have you visit and to welcome you personally.

Sincerely and best,

Julie Ressler

School Director

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January 1706

A Note of Thanks

AEI wouldn't be what it is today without our outstanding teachers. One such teacher is Mr. Gregg Blade. He usually teaches IEP Level 6 and test prep courses. Students have wonderful things to say about him as you can see in the note below. We hope all our students have a positive and even inspiring experience from our instructors, and it means the world to us when we receive things like this. Thank you, Mr. Blade and Sébastien! 

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Welcome to a new year! It's a good time to "start from scratch," this week's idiom meaning to start over or start again from the beginning.

For example, "My essay was not working well, so I deleted it and started from scratch."

According to TheFreeDictionary.com, the origin of this idiom is the following: "The scratch line was a stripe across the ground where a race began. Starting from scratch meant having no advantage against others in the race where handicaps allowed some entrants shorter distances to run."

We wish you all a wonderful 2017!

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