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September 1320

New Expansion Now Open!

Nearly 21 years ago, the Atlanta English Institute was founded on 5455 Buford Highway by Julie Ressler. Since the school relocated to the DeKalb Technology Parkway location in 2008, the facility has been expanded. We are happy to announce the expansion of this location to accommodate the growth of our student body. The new and expanded space will provide capacity for more students, teachers, and faculty.     Tags: , , , | Categories: General | Student Information | Things To See

September 1226

Idiom: To nail something

Idiom: To nail something Meaning: to perform, to do something flawlessly Example:              A: How did you do on your English test?              B: I studied so hard for that test. I think I nailed it. Learn English              Tags: , , , | Categories: Twidiom Meanings
Idiom: To catch one's drift Meaning: to understand what he/she is saying   Example:   Student: Teacher, I can't understand if there is any differences between alligators and crocodiles?                  Teacher: There are a lot of diferences between these two reptiles. For example, crocodiles are more aggressive than alligators. Unlike crocodiles who prefer saltwater, alligators like fresh water.  Do you catch my drift?     Learn English                 Tags: , , , , | Categories: Twidiom Meanings

February 1202

Idiom: The time is ripe

Idiom: The time is ripe Meanining- the right time to do something     Example: I will tell my mother about my plan to go to US to learn English when the                 time is ripe.   Term used by Shakespeare in Henry IV (1:3)- "Than I by letters shall direct your course.                                                                          When time is ripe"   Learn English     Tags: , , | Categories: Twidiom Meanings
Idiom: Get a kick out of (something)   Meaning- to enjoy, to find delight in (something)       Student A: Have you seen this new movie, Red Tails?   Movie Trailer       Student B: I watched it last week with my brother. I got a kick out of it.     Learn English     Tags: , , | Categories: Twidiom Meanings