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Below, you can view an incredibly touching, haunting and emotional performance in this uniquely beautiful sand animation performance by Kseniya Simonova on The Ukraine's Got Talent television program from 2009.

While I watched with amazement at the artist's skill, the tearful response by the Ukrainian audience and judges was beyond my understanding. That is until I read about the disproportionate percentage of Ukrainian citizens and military who lost their lives in the war. The country lost approximately 2.5M soldiers and 5.5M or more than 19% of it's people between 1938-1945*. This is second only to Poland's 19.6%. One reason for the enormous toll is that Ukrainians had enjoyed an unusual amount of freedom under communist rule, in comparison to other republics at the time. When the war broke out and German military invaded Ukraine territory, Ukrainians found themselves fighting for that freedom against a zealous Russian military on one front and the Germans on another.

I am also of the opinion that another 20th Century Ukrainian tragedy adds to the emotions of those who watched this performance. The Ukrainian "Holocaust" or Holodomor, which AEI student from The Ukraine, Tetiana so eloquently explained at the recent Student Showcase and preceded the horrors of WWII by less than a decade, claimed the lives of an estimated 14.5M Ukrainians. Most of the victims were peasants, according to noted Holomodor historian, Robert Conquest.

*Source: Ukraine During World War II 1938-1945, by V. Kusyk, Kyiv-Paris-New York-Toronto, 1992, p. 702. B. Urlanis Guerres et populations, Moscou 1975, p. 319-323; Das Dritte Reich (Muenchen 1985) Band 2. S. 404.

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